Day 2: How true are you to yourself and your dreams?

Day 2: How true are you to yourself and your dreams?

Todays headline is a question that you’ll have to ask yourself from time to time. “How true am I to myself and my dreams?” I think its important to talk to yourself and figure things out. What is the truth I can live with? Is there something I need to change to become truthful to myself?

I think anything is possible to achieve when your truthful to yourself. I’m not an expert in the topic and I do not feel a 100% true to myself but I’m trying to figure out my truth. I’m making things right to fullfil my dreams and goals. I also believe in that if you feel like a star you’ll become a star. If you want a happy life then be happy, make a good deed and live your life as you want to live it. The most important piece in your life if YOU, don’t you ever forget that.

I think that everyone should go inside themself and write down their inner desires and dreams. As I did in yesterdays post, make a list of your dreams, don’t rewrite it just expand it. All of your dreams matter and are worthy to be remembered and tested in the reality. If you dreamt of being a performer but later on your dream is to be a writer, test them both, don’t let one dream take out another from your list of dreams.

Finding your inner peace and truth may be a hard road but you’ll make it! If you feel like no one believes in you just remember that I believe in you!

One of my hardest things is to trust my instinct and believe in me a 100% and dare to try things. I get so scared of doing things that I love thats new to the world. I always loved to sing but got so scared to show it to the world that I quit. I wanted to be in musicals and doing two of the thing that I love, singing and acting but I gave it up. Until now, I have actually joined a choir. Its one step in the right direction of fulfilling my dreams.

Thats all for today, see you soon!

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