Welcome to the thoughts of A!

Welcome to the thoughts of A!

Well, this is the beginning of me telling my story and my future. What is my future and my plans? Well, seems like we are going to figure that out together. I’m gong to write about my thoughts and my life. To tell my story to the world.

But whom am I, A? Well, you’ll know along the way of the journey. I got diagnosed with a brain tumor a few years back and this is me taking my life back and planing my future to reach my dream. And also to spred the word that your dream matters and keep follow your dreams! Well, god has a plan for all of us in some way. It may be hard to see, well I would sign on that but I believe that I will see the plan soon.

I have a members log in on this blog, feel free to join and share your thoughts, dreams and questions. Let’s make all our dreams and plans come true together.

So with this short post I hope that you’ll keep reading and following my story and my thoughts and continue to share yours.

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